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Falling In Love At The Coffee Shop

4 Feb

So, where (do you think) is the best place to fall in love?

For me, it’s coffee shop.
I love coffee shop so much and I think it would be great and sweet if I could fall in love with someone at the place that I really love.

It could be a barista who knows my name, ask me how my day was while I’m waiting for my order, put smiley on my cup, and can make a perfect cup of extra dry cappuccino.

It could be a regular customer who come to the same coffee shop like me at 7ish after a long day at work, just to enjoy a good cup of black coffee, or maybe doppio espresso, or whatever as long as it has caffeine on it.

It could be a first time customer who accidentally passing by the coffee shop and then thinking that it would be a good idea to have a cup of coffee before home.

It could be anyone… even the one I’ve never imagined to fall in love with before.


And here goes my story…

I fell in love with someone who works at the coffee shop. The one who always put smiley on my cup, make me a perfect extra dry cappuccino, and remind me to take care before I go home.

For me, falling in love with you is not only sweet and great because I fell for you at my favorite coffee shop.

It’s also feel good because I finally realized what I’m looking for and it turns out that I’m not looking for someone who meets my requirements but someone who is enough for me.

It’s also feel good because I fell in love with… you.


And falling in love with you at the coffee shop is the best thing in my life.

Random Thought On Working Hour

27 Nov

Two days ago I decided to left a note on tissue at one of my favorite coffee shop saying:

“After about 10 – 15 visits to this Sbucks, 5 missing drinks (which I never complained about those), I finally have my perfect extra dry cappuccino and raspberry americano on the rock today. Thanks :)”

Yesterday, when I came to that coffee shop again, all baristas there suddenly know my name.

I never thought they read my notes and (even better) put the tissue on their locker. It makes my week.

Now, Starbucks Grand Indonesia become my number one favorite Starbucks.