What If…

10 Oct

She sits at her favorite coffee shop while it’s raining outside. She lets her cup of cappuccino getting cold, what’s the point of drink it while its hot when nothing could makes her feel warm?
Her mind is full of thoughts about things she wish she did and didn’t. She keeps asking herself “what if?”
What if she didn’t get mad to her dad when he didn’t hear what she says?
What if she spent more time to call her dad in the middle of her daily routine just to make sure if he’s doing well?
What if she puts her ego down just to tell her dad that she loves him?
What if she didn’t took him for granted and appreciate every single time she spend with her dad?
What if she decided not to go to the movie and stayed at home with her dad to hug him and told him that God will be taken care of him well the night heart attack took her dad away?
“I miss you,” she whispers to herself while sipping her cappuccino. “Please be okay up there, dad!”
She wipes her tears.

It’s been 7 days and she still crying. 

She doesn’t know when will it stops. 

They say that time heals everything, but she knows that this time, nothing could heal the feeling of loosing someone she can’t replace, her dad.

One Response to “What If…”

  1. Agung Pushandaka November 1, 2016 at 8:28 am #

    Time doesn’t heal, but what you do may heal the pain of loosing someone.

    Apa kabar Senny?

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