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It Might Be… love

18 Mar

It might be that cool sweater and converse you wore on the first time we’ve met at the coffee shop,

It might be those flirty texts we sent each other while we’re at work,

It might be the way you hold my hand at the mall,

It might be that stupid and childish jokes that never fails to make me laugh,

It might be the sound of your singing voice at David Foster’s concert,

It might be the smell of your perfume,

It might be the way you hug me when I’m not feeling good about things,

It might be the way you called me “blue”

It might be anything and I don’t really know why can you make me so in love with you

All I know is I’m in love with you

Like Po loves noodles, Minion loves banana, or Cookie Monster loves cookies

I love you more than I love my cup of morning coffee which I don’t mind not to have one since the day I found you

I love you for no particular reason,

So suddenly and unexpected

And that’s why M,

It’s called fall in love,

Because M…, you don’t force yourself to fall, it just happens