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Another Love Letter For You

1 Jan


Dear you,

Unlike you, I’m not the one who often leave a note or post it with “I love you” on it while you were sleeping so that you have a reason to smile when you wake up in the morning.

Unlike you, I’m not the one who like to record my voice while I’m singing a cheesy love song and send the voice recorder or simply put it on soundcloud and send the link to you.

Unlike you, I’m not the one who always say “I love you” in any language every night before we go to sleep.

Unlike you, I’m not the one who love to cook a meal or make a cup of coffee and remind you that no matter how busy you are, there’s always time for a plate of good food or a cup of coffee.

I’m the one who always smile when I read your note or post it with “I love you” on it.

I’m the one who always say “nice” everytime I hear you sing me a cheesy love song.

I’m the one who rarely say “I love you too” everytime you tell me that you love me.

I’m the one who always eat your homemade good food and drink your cup of coffee in the middle of my crazy work while enjoying the touch of your hand all over my body.

Unlike you, when it comes to show you how much I love you, I’m not expressive and romantic at all.

Dear you,

I’m at the moment when I was sitting on the window seat, on my way to Jakarta and suddenly I’m wondering my self about my favorite things or people.

Surprisingly, I have not much favorite things or people.

I have no favorite color though you can see my closet is full with dark colored clothes.

I have no favorite actor, actress, singer, writer, etc.

I have no favorite music and you can see it from my very random playlist.

I then realized that for an easily to get bored person like me, something or someone must be really special to be my favorite one.

Like coffee and Starbucks which never fail to give me inspiration.

Like mom who always there in my best or worst moment.

And like you… the one I love for no reason.

Dear you,

In case you are having a bad day and worry that no one love you, please read this letter and turn to me…

I’m the one who always there for you, love you with all I have, and you will always be my favorite person.