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My First Love Letter About You To You

22 Nov


Dear you,

One day on our conversation over coffee I told you how much I love writing and I never really in love with someone until I write about and/or to that person.

Here’s the time when I feel the urge to write about you to you, so I’m just gonna write a love letter about you to you.

First, I want to warn you that even though I told you that it’s a love letter, you probably won’t read something sweet or romantic on it, but when you read it, please see this as an evidence of how much I love you that I can’t even help myself not to write about you to you.


I know you already know that I love coffee so much. I love how coffee could make me feel better even in my worst day.  I love how coffee could bring me inspiration.

And as much as I love coffee, I also love coffee shop. I love spend my time with some friends at the coffee shop, talking about everything, bitching about life. I love sitting alone at the coffee shop with a glass of my favorite coffee, sightseeing, do nothing, writing, reading, or even just close my eyes for a while, thinking about how suck or how beautiful life is.

I love coffee and coffee shop so much… that much that I think it would be good if I could fall in love with someone who can make me a good coffee at the coffee shop.  Turns out I was wrong.

When I fall for you, the one who can make me one of the best raspberry americano on the rock, at my favorite coffee shop, it feels more than good. It feels… great.


I remember how much decisions I have made in my life. Some of them are bad decisions, while some of them are good decisions.

I want you to know that the day when I decided to talk to you was the day when I’ve made the best decision in my life.

It’s not only about making a decision which finally made me know a cute barista who can make one of the best americano on the rock and has cool talent and good sense of fashion.

It’s about finally found someone who can bring back faith in me. Someone who finally make me believe that even things are hard for me right now, I don’t have to worry cause I know I can make it through. Someone who fill an empty space in my mind and my heart. Someone who made me feel complete. Someone who’s enough for me. Someone who I really… love.

To me, the word “love” is a hard one. I rarely use that word even to my mom, the most important person in my life, but this time I’m gonna tell you that I love you… oh no, I mean I fall in love with you and if there’s a word that has bigger and deeper meaning than love, I would use it right now.

I love you and after a very long time, I finally realize that love is enough for me.

After all this time, I finally realize that all I need in my life is not someone or something which is too much for me. I finally realize that all I need is someone or something which is enough for me.

And to me, you are enough…

This is my last words on this love letter for you. I remember a friend told me that love is about learning to compromise.  I love you and so I’m gonna learn to compromise everything with you… and please learn it with me too.